Despite making up a quarter of the population, the Millennial generation own just 3% of the nations wealth. That is about to change!

Prepare for the biggest wealth transfer of our lifetime

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The Millenial Gold Prophecy

I would remind the reader that this is just a prophecy, a prediction about future events. But also that the significance of the events predicted and that the potential risks associated are so impactful that despite your perception of its low probability, it still warrants attention. (Probability of Event) x (Potential Risk) = level of...

The Millennial-Gold Investing Philosophy

At the time of this writing, the millennial generation (born 1982-2002) is past the adolescent years with most of them having already entered the workforce and just beginning to put together a plan for their retirement. Conventional wisdom says save more and contribute to your retirement account and you will be set for a comfortable...

Why Millennial Gold?

Millennials are the poorest generation in history, for its % of population. Millennial Gold was created to foster discussion among millennials on how to build wealth when the future is increasingly uncertain. Millennial gold is an informative website with four main topics: Finance, Economy and Markets: Aimed at educating the reader of these topics from...