Fear and Escape

An interpration of J.Krishnamurti’s text on “Fear and Escape”, Total Freedom.

“Fear can exist only in relation to something. As an abstraction, fear is a mere word, and the word is not the actual fear”

So let’s ask ourself, what is that specifically that we are afraid of? As fear can only exist in relation to something, that something can be loss of family, pre-occuppation with work and fear of losing your job, or society and the fear of being estranged from it.

When we inquire deeper into our relationships, our relationship with another human, another animal, a pet perhaps, a job, or our relationship with music we can, in that inquiry, find our dependance upon that relationship, that dependance (JK argues) is an escape from onself, an escape from what truly one is, the individual. That escape is generally a convenient one and sometimes a mutual one.

Isn’t love best characterised by the mututal dependance upon each other? We are afraid to be alone, and your partner is there to cover up the fact of your lonliness and you of your partner’s lonliness. We depend upon our partners for our happiness and it is this mutual dependance we call love.

Escape is a natural tendancy of human life and, as JK argues, there is nothing as such wrong with the escape, no matter what form it may be, as long as we realize that we are engaging in a form of escape.

By escaping ourselves, or the conscious understanding of ‘what is’, we grow increasingly dependant upon our escapes: the wife, the book, the gym, the alcohol, the vacations. And in this dependance arises fear, the fear for losing that escape, and possession, “I must not lose her” , “she is mine” and she likes to be possessed for she is also dependant upon you.

But there is also nothing easy you can do about it. If you think about it, everything you do is an activity of escape. It is in that realization, that everything is an escape, that you discover ”what is”. The ‘what is’ lies not in ‘what’ you are escaping, such as emptiness or fear of lonliness, but ‘why’ you are escaping.

This arduous process of constantly evaluating and questioning your fears and your desires, is when” the observer becomes the observed [emptiness] this [activity] alone puts the end to fear

This process of continuos self questioning, is a ‘battle’ that should always exist. Neglecting to do so, is where we humans falter.

Our existence, our entire existence, our life, can easily be defined as our relationships to the world and its individual parts, every word we speak to or every action we take with each individual entity such as having a conversation or listening to the news. In this existence we come across a new relationship ever so oftern, say with a new technology, a new person, a new story, this new relationship incites in most of us a fear, because we haven’t understood completely our relationship to it, our desires with the object.

Just like the Bible blames the Apple, Adam, Eve and a snake for the introduction of vanity into our lives, we too will look to blame others for the reasons for our fears, our vanity, our social hierarchy. And in doing so we become just a mere participant in these fears.

By taking on this ‘battle’ of repeatedly, continuously and in depth questioning the why to your actions and your beliefs we will find the truth about yourself, the truth about us, the truth about all and the truth about I. For afterall we are all one and the same.

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