Portfolio Performance

Portfolio Details

This is a sample portfolio for demonstration purposes only and not to be considered as investment advice. Millennial Gold is not a registered investment advisor.

The investment portfolio is a combination of Gold, Gold equities, cash and options that track the S&P 500 index and cryptocurrency. The reasoning behind the relative weightings for each asset type are mentioned in the Investment Philosophy article.

Over time the sector weights may change and the individual investments within each sector may change as well. Please subscribe to the Millennial Gold blog by entering your email address to receive weekly updates on the portfolio.

Portfolio at inception (6/28/2020) starting Value $10,000

Weekly Portfolio Update 7/13/2020

The Millennial Gold principal portfolio saw a gain of 6.1% this past week bring the total gain since inception to 9.6%. All investments but one (DLTR) saw modest gains this past week and will likely continue to see gains this upcoming week due to positive expectations about vaccinnes for COVID. However, we are still concerned...

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